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We utilize a number of philosophies, taking into consideration both the latest research of early childhood development, as well as the family context children live in every day.


We believe that children have the right to a nurturing, safe environment.  It is the job of the center staff to provide a variety of opportunities and experiences to promote growth in the areas of physical, social and intellectual development.


Our center works hard to stay posted on the most up-to-date teaching methods.  We are constantly changing our curriculum but maintain basic methods that we believe nurture children’s learning.  Our methods are exemplified in the activities we do with the kids.

We believe that kids to learn by doing things themselves so we work to accommodate their boundless curiosity and endless enthusiasm for exploration by filling our classrooms with books, musical instruments, art equipment, and toys. 


Learning and Age-Specific Programs


Ages 6 weeks - 12 months

Infants and Pre-Toddlers

Find comfort knowing your little one is in a safe, nurturing and stimulating environment with activities to help meet important milestones while having fun!


Ages 12 months - 36 months


We create a safe and supportive space where your toddler's innate curiosity and boundless energy are directed towards exploration, play, and learning through age appropriate toys, stories, songs and stimulating activities.


Four and five year-olds


Your preschooler's eagerness to learn and thirst for adventure are channeled through engaging classroom activities toward the enhancement of social, communication, language and literacy skills.


School Age

Before and After School

Build on your child's learning before and after the school bell rings with activities and adventures that allow them to explore new talents and find confidence in pursuing passions and nurturing interpersonal relationships.


Pre-School through age 12

Summer Program

Our summer program offers a unique blend of fun weekly themes to keep your preschool and elementary aged children moving and learning every day.  Enrich your child's summer with weekly field trips, thrilling adventures, meaningful friendships, and more!


School Age

Remote Learning

Clinton Child Care's Remote Learning program helps parents address the challenges associated with remote and hybrid learning during COVID-19 by providing educational support and on-site supervision to their school-age children. Learn more.

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